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B’Nai Mitzvah:
Becoming Bar / Bat Mitzvah is an important milestone that is celebrated both in school by the Academies at GBDS community and in synagogue by family and friends.
Rabbi Micah Liben works closely with the family to arrange for an in-school Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration, where the student is called to the Torah during Middle School Tefillah and a presentation is made. Typically, the parents of the celebrant sponsor a breakfast for Middle School. Academies at GBDS encourages the celebration of the simcha by the student’s classmates, teachers, Rabbi, administration, and immediate family and close friends.
After becoming B’Nai Mitzvah the practice of wearing Tefillin during morning prayers is required for males and for any females who choose to take on this mitzvah, as well as wearing a Tallit (or tzitizit/tallit katan if this is the practice of the family).