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At Academies at GBDS we are committed to providing whole child education that nurtures the many facets of a child's intellectual, social, and spiritual development. In Elementary school, Jewish Studies and General Studies are equally emphasized, cultivating in our students a love for the Torah and mitzvot as well as literature, history, science, and mathematics. Through individualized attention, differentiated instruction, and personalized learning experiences enhanced by the latest technology, instruction is integrated across curriculum areas to make learning come alive. Informal educational experiences enhance our students’ connection to Jewish life, as well as their commitment to the local community and the Land of Israel.
The elementary program is enriched by STEM, Visual and Performing Arts, Music, and Physical Education. Teachers, in every discipline, are role models who establish meaningful and supportive relationships with students and families. Throughout their elementary school experience, students are encouraged and guided to make decisions, exhibit initiative and leadership, take responsibility, and above all, to enjoy learning.
We work as partners with our families to:
  • Provide a rich dual-curricular education in General and Judaic Studies
  • Offer modern Hebrew immersion
  • Foster independent thinking
  • Emphasize critical thinking
  • Instill lifelong learning habits and a passion for lifelong learning
  • Build self-esteem
  • Teach and model compassion and ethics
  • Develop informed citizens and leaders
  • Inspire a love and commitment to Israel

Judaic Studies:

  • Our students graduate with fluency in modern and textual Hebrew. Specifically, proficiency in speaking and comprehending modern Hebrew, and the ability to read, translate and analyze classical Jewish texts.
  • Our students can identify, translate, understand, and analyze Jewish texts, including the Torah, Mishna, Talmud, and poetry.
  • Our students can demonstrate knowledge of ritual practices including prayer, Shabbat and holidays, mitzvot, and middot.
  • Our students master skills related to leading prayer services and Birkat HaMazon, putting on tefillin, reading the Torah.
  • Our students graduate with a love of Israel through the knowledge of Jewish history, culture, and modern life in Israel.
  • Overall, these skills and practices provide the preparation for continued Jewish study in high school and guidance for the graduates’ continued Jewish Journey.

General Studies:

Our students develop the skills and master the concepts in the core academic areas of mathematics, science, language arts, and social studies that provide the foundation for success in High School.
Our students gain the skills to think analytically about how past and present interactions of people, cultures and the environment shape and impact issues across time. They are able to make informed decisions that reflect social and ethical responsibilities as a citizen of the world. Students gain the skills necessary to learn to work collaboratively to address the challenges of living in an interconnected world.
Students understand the scientific method, write a complete scientific lab report, understand and exhibit the ability to conduct lab experiments safely. They interpret, and analyze information and develop conclusions based on data presented. Students are exposed to many areas of science including physical science, astronomy, environmental science, biology, chemistry, and earth science.
Our students apply the skills learned in previous grades to efficiently use procedures to solve linear and systems of two linear equations both with one and two variables.  Our students understand that functions describe situations where each input has only one output. Students use their knowledge of distance and angles to understand translations, rotations, congruence, and similarity to analyze two-dimensional figures and to use that to solve problems. Students understand and apply the Pythagorean Theorem.
Our students develop independent and age appropriate writing skills of differing genres that demonstrate knowledge of punctuation, grammar and syntax.  They will also have acquired a complex vocabulary helping to broaden their oral language expression. Fluently reading various styles of literature will have strengthened their comprehension, critical thinking, and analyzing strategies as well.

Learn more about our Elementary School curriculum by visiting our Curriculum at a Glance: