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The Early Childhood Program at Academies at GBDS is the foundation for our community’s young learners. We offer a holistic individualized approach which nurtures the child's cognitive, physical, social and emotional development by promoting independence, building self-esteem, stimulating creativity and supporting the development of problem solving skills.  We recognize that children’s learning is integrated and interconnected. We believe that an excellent early childhood program begins to shape tomorrow’s leaders. Our dynamic and highly qualified teachers provide cutting edge curriculum focusing on the Arts, Science and Technology all within an age appropriate setting.
On any given day, our students are immersed in:
  • Learning reading readiness through creative literature experiences and language arts centers
  • Utilizing concrete manipulatives to understand measurement, number concepts and problem solving through Singapore Math curriculum
  • Practicing Mindfulness
  • Discovering the world by exploring nature and science in our outdoor learning space and garden
  • Participating in yoga and movement enrichment. Strengthening physical skills by participating in Physical Education classes
  • Infusion of art, music, and technology through thematic centers
  • Performing arts incorporated into the curriculum
  • Hebrew Language Immersion taught through puppetry, books, games and songs (Chalav U’Dvash)
  • Welcoming Shabbat through songs, baking challah, and engaging with school community.  Integrated approach to Jewish holidays and Israeli culture with an emphasis on art and family education
  • Learning in a caring community where social skills, Judaic values, and life lessons are of the highest importance. The children in our  Early Childhood Program become buddies with older students, who support their milestone events, as well as help to integrate them into the greater school community
  • Empowering the children with life skills to become future leaders 
The families of our youngest students are embraced as partners in their child's education. We encourage parent involvement and form close ties with our families.