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We are excited to return fully to our school building this coming fall with all of our students! Our primary focus is to ensure that our students are provided with the opportunity to learn in an in-person school environment with engagement and individualized attention that are the highlights of our school. The social-emotional wellness of our students, as well as their academic growth in General and Judaic studies and middot, will continue to be at the core of all that we do.

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As the situation with COVID-19 evolves, policies and procedures are subject to change and will be updated on this website. Academies at GBDS continues to monitor the latest health guidelines, state mandated policies, and the CDC recommendations to make adjustments to our programming policies and procedures. Safety will always be our number one priority for our students, faculty and staff, and families.
The mission of the Re-Opening Task Force is to create and evaluate plans that ensure a safe and productive learning environment at Academies at GBDS. Planning includes health and mental wellness, educational, technological and facility related considerations.


Click here to read Frequently Asked Questions as they relate to school reopening for 2020-2021 school year. 

Dates to Note:

Staff PD is scheduled for August 24, 25, 26

Back to School Night will be virtual on August 26 - It is mandatory for at least one parent to attend.

The first day of school will be August 31

GBDS Ba’Bayit:

GBDS Ba’Bayit Program will effectively and efficiently support simultaneous in-person and online learning during the 2020-2021 school year. 

Due to the continued risks associated with COVID-19, we are offering the opportunity for parents to keep children at home while still receiving instruction from Academies at GBDS Faculty. Academies at GBDS is also requiring sick students or those in need of quarantine to stay home when risks out-weigh the benefits of in-person lessons. These students also will be afforded the opportunity to learn from home, and to seamlessly transition into virtual learning.

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Re-Opening Task Force

Administration & Staff
Lina Shuster, Executive Director
Sheila Barbach, General Studies Principal
Sarit Ginzburg, Jewish Studies Principal
Susan Scher, Early Childhood Director
Marcy Kissane, Parent and Events Coordinator
Lee Ann Beck, School Nurse
Debbie Horowitz, 1st & 2nd Grade General Studies Teacher
Elisa Berger, N3 & Pre-K Teacher
Eunice Glassberg, Middle School Social Studies Teacher
Zina Knop, 2nd & 3rd Grade Jewish Studies Teacher