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Our STEM program develops science, math, and engineering process skills that enrich the science curriculum from kindergarten through eighth grade. Students integrate their skills in science and art through 3D design and printing and other STEAM projects. Our curriculum exposes students to many areas of science including physical science, astronomy, environmental science, biology, chemistry, and earth science. We follow Singapore Math Curriculum, that emphasizes number sense, problem solving, and conceptual understanding. Through STEM and project based learnings students interpret and analyze information and develop conclusions based on data presented.

Our Visual and Performing Arts programs exposes students to a variety of artistic endeavors and challenges them to develop and hone their unique talents. We enrich students’ lives and provide a vehicle for them to communicate and express human emotion and ideas. In addition, the study of the arts prepares students to be successful in a twenty-first century world that demands innovative thinking and creativity in an increasingly competitive global society.
In music, students are exposed to variety of composers, music composition and instrumentation genres, and history of music. Our music curriculum is enhanced with Music and the Brain program, a neuroscience-based program that brings music literacy curriculum and classroom keyboard instruction. 
In art, students experience many art forms and express their artistic ability though myriad of artistic mediums, such as painting, sculpture, etc. The art curriculum is integrated into many aspects of the general studies curriculum. 
We host a variety of yearly shows - Chanukah Talent Show, Zimriyah, and Academies at GBDS School Production. 
Music, art and performing arts are incorporated into grade level Judaic milestone ceremonies, such as Chumash, Siddur, Kaballat Shabbat, Havdala, and Torah Reading ceremonies.

We emphasize Leadership through the Leader in Me, which creates a school culture and climate where students are self-directed learners and take responsibility for their learning and actions. Students become confident, independent, responsible, and accountable. The Leader in Me culture builds character and sense of community, proactive communication, collaboration and teamwork. Our students engage in programs such as Yad B’Yad teaching and modeling compassion, ethics, and habits that lead to personal and interpersonal effectiveness.